Today, I have seen with my own eyes that a thought of love has substance. What a strange force this is, that by pressing goodness from the invisible layers of […]

Looking Up

The many little eyes of Earth look up and search, and open up to the great lights of outer space, perhaps with joy, but certainly with great resolve. With every […]

The Leap

Imagine this: When in moments of love when we are able to lift out of ourselves, think of how one day the body will fall away, just as the chrysalis […]

A Wondrous Company

I walk this dream in the wondrous company of children and mothers, presidents, professors, gardeners and engineers. I walk this dream in the wondrous company of brothers and artists, students, […]

Bridge Of Light

Do you remember crossing the Bridge Of Light, held in pure mindful experience? When you knew who was calling before the ring. You finished another’s thought. That chill up the […]


Golden silence, envelope me, that the light of my soul may descend and comfort. Deftly spread your wings and lift me into all corners of Truth and knowing. Reveal and lay rest awhile the murmurs of mind. Prepare […]


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