Above And Beneath

I, an island, rest motionless Above me, an ocean of wandered thought. Beneath, an ocean of weight Where forgetting is born. In silence, I am lulled by one And reminded by the other In tides of body and temptations mind Into particular, […]

A Crown Of Petals

If, while looking upon a flower, someone knelt beside you and whispered in your ear, “Therein sits God,” would you continue to call the flower, a flower? Would not the stem become a scepter and the ring of petals become […]

A Work of Art

In life, a Soul must choose a disguise: city dweller, farmer, soldier, artist, and so on. The costumes we wear have been lived and exchanged over the course of millennia and are so ingrained that a fleeting identity is usually […]

Invisible Forces Abound

We move in a world where gravity, magnetism, electrical force and sunlight hold our lives together. Vast, unseen powers sustain the ability of each earthling to live and move, work and play. These universal forces are fundamental to our existence […]

The Leap

Imagine this: When in moments of love when we are able to lift out of ourselves, think of how one day the body will fall away, just as the chrysalis or the seashell releases its hold on the life placed […]

A Wondrous Company

I walk this dream in the wondrous company of children and mothers, presidents, professors, gardeners and engineers. I walk this dream in the wondrous company of brothers and artists, students, librarians, grocers and psychics. I walk this dream in the […]

Advice From A Tree

Live your life grounded in the Earth, but always stretching toward the LIGHT. When all is calm, rest quietly and learn: the soil will give you strength, the breeze will bring you language, the Sun will send you flowers. When a […]


Golden silence, envelope me, that the light of my soul may descend and comfort. Deftly spread your wings and lift me into all corners of Truth and knowing. Reveal and lay rest awhile the murmurs of mind. Prepare my heart to listen and receive in purity an understanding of deep […]

Aperture Of Beauty

I hold before me a single moment in the life of this world and realize that I have no word pure enough to contain its beauty. In faithful devotion to Light’s arc, its perfection being no less for lack of a […]

Will, Was and Is

Angels know will, was, and is—as One, and resting above this arc of time, their love seeks to guide us. Spirit exists beyond Time, though human life cannot so easily be lived in such Light. I must spin many threads of […]


Let it be my precious work: to care for every thought, to let each step, each breath, each softly spoken word, become a deed of light; a feat of unadorned desire. Let it be my sacred work: to strive as […]


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