Will, Was and Is


Angels know will, was, and is—as One, and resting above this arc of time, their love seeks to guide us. Spirit exists beyond Time, though human life cannot so easily be lived in such Light.

I must spin many threads of Being into this day, for if I never live in the past, I may forever repeat my folly; if I never live in the future, I may cease to reason or hope; if I miss the light of this moment, I will deny myself the profound…

If I see the whole world as illusion, the wave of earthly experience will fail to teach me of my essence; if my head is pressed too firmly against the hard ground, my thoughts will be consumed by fleeting distraction and this journey will have been for naught.

The love in my heart weaves through all of these states: as a melody exists only in time. The breath hums the note of each thought and fumbles for pitch.

I am preparing myself to present to an Angel all the notes of my life played as One: The Chord of Conscience.

Such a wonderful sound I wish to make—How the Angel must smile at such a raw attempt!


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  1. Dear James,
    This is perhaps one of most profound yet bold piece you have written. I am amazed at the many layers of thought that it must have brought you to arrive at this place of translating those thoughts and insights into a beautiful harmony of wisdom.
    To understand the impermanence, the transient, the necessary Now and yet the glorious space to allow room for the past and the future. I am learning the space which transcends rigidity in the attempt to capture truth. And to learn that the Conscience is the voice which keeps me.
    The brilliance of this work I will cherish deeply in my own growth. Sharon

  2. I smile at the loving light your words produce within my whole! You my friend refresh a heart with your words purity, you bring heaven a little closer to embrace in our daily lives, you provoke thoughts that float above the land that we walk on, reminding it will one day fade as our spirits leave the cell of our flesh! You bring one to be renewed in the journey upon the narrow path that will lead us to our Master’s embracing arms! Your eyes are blessed as is your heart to taste daily of spiritual delights…I am blessed to walk that path along with you and enjoy the offerings you provide for they are magnificent and pleasing in nature! Always beautiful James…always!

    • People do often pull this subject into a pool of platitudes so I’m glad to hear that your response was positive. Thank you for your encouragement; it means a great deal.
      Warm regards,

  3. Of all the pieces I’ve read so far, this one is perhaps my favourite. The way your words flow and entangle those pictures created is sublime. Balance of self is the frame that lets one move unscathed.

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