The Lake Speaks Softly

The Lake Speaks

Dear One, come to me and leave the past behind–it is safe enough. Stretch your mind across the water and know that you have always been lightbound, even in your darkest days. Look far across this liquid plane and wade toward the edge of time. You toil only to take this next step, this last leap of love into certitude.

But first, nurture dreams of peace. Let them fall upon you like feathers of light. Then ponder the power that offers the way forward and sustains your earthly journey homeward, toward that farther shore. Know that one day you will cross these ripples of life, for the tides of Earth make you ready to declare yourself unfettered and bright.

Once you have quenched your thirst for noise let purity be the compass of desire. And with every step admit you are light, lighter than the breath that has flowed through your blood all these many years. Be mindful and content to contend with the arcs of wisdom, then calm the waters surrounding you and claim what is yours.

Dear One, come to me. Stretch and dive into the water, and let it wash over you. Let it cleanse you of doubt and affectation. Swim, nay, glide across each swift curve of liquid life. The undercurrent desires to teach, not to possess or diminish. Each wave offers you inward and each day that you yearn for the Sun you gather yourself in Light. Live as a child of longing and lift yourself into the Source of love and its gravity. On the crest of mind and its many concerns, know that you are guided by gentle hearts. As you do this, remember that all is well.

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    • Dear LadyBlueRose: Thank you for your kind words. I’m so glad that what I write resonates with you. It is a real gift to connect and find common ground. I look forward to sharing much more.
      With light,

    • That’s very kind of you… I’m so very glad that we have found a point at which to connect. It is a very great gift to find a note that resonates a mutual truth.
      With light and warmest regards,


  1. Wisdom of light, indeed, I always want to say beautiful but it is such a small word compare to what we hear and read here, your post are so perfect always James, thank you for that

    sending you light Doris

  2. James, your voice is so calm and comforting; your message full of light and inspiration. I, too often, find it difficult to respond verbally to your beautiful posts, preferring instead to simply rest in the vibration of the love, light, and peacefulness you create. I love this post. The narrative, the sounds, all of it! Thank you for sharing.

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