All Is Already Known

All Is Already Known

My guide’s voice dipped into conscience and told me clear that All is already known.
The moon spins, the stars explode, the blood of the universe pumps, regardless of how I whirl in my anxiety to understand. You understand; that is what I now grasp.

The ocean bed of life exists without my appraisal. All is in order: all planets, particles and pathways are known, of course.

The forests and lakes, the seas and jungles all continue without a man’s understanding. Even my own body works despite my great ignorance: It maneuvers, heals and sleeps. Within it I am alive and well, able to go about the experiences of Earth.

Indeed, All is already known and held together so perfectly, with such precision that I feel a precious safety in the humble acceptance of this certainty.

It is plain for everyone to see that all that does exist is grandly organized and pays no heed to the speculative mind.

The spider spins, the hills roll, my heart beats and I am destined to seek. The daisy will bloom whether I grasp its nature or not and that nature is known to You, a Mind.

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  1. Here we know partially but one day everything will be completely revealed to us..
    Your message enlightens more my spirit, always in spiritual research.
    Thank you James, nice weekend with love and light.

    • Dear Lucia… yes, I agree. Many of us are slowly opening to a larger picture, and though it requires a certain humility and depth of purpose to do so, the rewards of its final knowledge will no doubt set us free from all anxiety.
      With light,

  2. Was it Plato who said that all learning is remembering?
    “Is it not ponder-worthy if it cares not whether we ponder?” Strawberryindigo, I’d like to hear more on this thought.
    And Lucia, I do share your belief that Gnosis is the final outcome. Swedenborg tells me so.
    As usual, James, your words are inspirational. And pure poetry.

    • Ah! Swedenborg… a master of the planes! I believe the spiritual scene is slowly making more of itself known to us since so many more people are allowing its reality into their thinking (“remembering”, as you put it). There are great days ahead! Thank you for your encouragement.

  3. I spend as much of my time in wild nature as I can and have come to the same conclusion as you. I sit in amazement as nature continues around me. I am observer and I am nature. We’re all one.


    • Thank you Dennis: Indeed we are One, though I find that being a westerner living in a big city, as I do, requires a degree of courage to step into this mode of thinking. It is a great deficit in our modern world not to be taught to think along these lines of oneness and sacred community. But yes, when the mind can assimilate these deeper levels of life, the experience can be one of amazement.
      Warmest wishes,

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