Aperture Of Beauty


I hold before me a single moment in the life of this world and realize that I have no word pure enough to contain its beauty. In faithful devotion to Light’s arc, its perfection being no less for lack of a name, the great ray brushes across horizons, received in the language of waving fields.

Darkness is dormant where life scurries and wanes, yet in light is relation and expanse, where meadow and forest yield in gladness to the Star.

A flower may say, “I am bright and alive!” but it is the Sun that provides its opportunity to open and gaze, and flourish. Is then beauty an avenue of light, for the perfumed breaths of Earth are expressed within a luminous life?

As dusk approaches I ask, what might I learn in this mirror of equivalence? What does this aperture of beauty reveal of the geography in myself?

In stillness, I listen carefully and hear the gentle voice of spirit: The inner light of heart and mind precedes as the beauty of my soul. The wondrous thought follows that my Universe is Light

19 replies

  1. “The inner light of heart and mind precedes as the beauty of my soul,” What an impressive thought James! Very thought provoking and enlightening. Namaste, mary

  2. So very lovely and enriching James. Thanks so much for sharing your light with us. You have captured the ebbing and flowing of the light in the gentle breeze of the universe and your voice adds so much…

  3. “ I listen carefully and hear the gentle voice of spirit” …
    I especially love this words speaking to me.
    Greatness and beauty, gorgeous writing , thank you!
    Have a nice day James, with love

  4. Dear James,

    I am becoming a huge fan of the sound files. I love the gentle voice and believe it or not it makes me understand the poem differently. Keep on writing my friend!


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