Golden silence, envelope me, that the light of my soul may descend and comfort.

Deftly spread your wings and lift me into all corners of Truth and knowing.

Reveal and lay rest awhile the murmurs of mind.

Prepare my heart to listen and receive ipurity an understanding of deep love.

Please, help me cast open the windows of my Soul, wide in wordless adoration.

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  1. James…this is a wonderful poem on a topic that is rarely touched upon. I think you eloquently crafted the grace of silence in our lives. I wanted to share with you a poem I wrote on the subject a few months back…enjoy:


    Silence: the breath is precious;
    our treasured life is wasted!
    Endless internal dialogue
    and mental chattering
    renders us oblivious to the world
    and our surroundings.
    Such “mental noise” is unholy
    and self-indulgent,
    leaving us weary and unbalanced.
    The journey is endless…
    yet, amidst this infernal noise
    we are travelers, lost, remembering nothing
    about the places we have passed through
    until we are suddenly woken up
    at the end of our trip!
    Breath is the remembrance of God
    Silence, the awakening of the heart!

  2. Remain silent, close your eyes, listen to …
    Silence prepares for inner transformation, reflection.
    It is in silence that the soul rises.
    Moving and so beautiful James.
    Have a peaceful day !

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