Advice From A Tree

Advice From A Tree

Live your life grounded in the Earth, but always stretching toward the LIGHT. When all is calm, rest quietly and learn: the soil will give you strength, the breeze will bring you language, the Sun will send you flowers.

When a storm IS nigh, bend with the wind as best you can. If calamity should strike, you will grow again, however impossible it may seem. The great LIFE has given you that power to do so.

Give shelter and food to those in need, taking care to offer a gentle word. Yet know that sure enough, they will fly away. Each has his own riddle to solve.

AS to a tree in a richer clime, well, it is there and I am here. I will make the best of things for now. I will tend to this garden with all of my capacity. And when you create a thing of beauty, do not cling and spoil the fruit of your heart. Give freely to the world. Not every seed will sprout but when ONE does, how the birds do sing!

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  1. Very lovely James, I love the message and you remind me to tend to my garden with all my capacity…I see a few weeds that need my attention. Light is life as one… Namaste, mary

  2. Thank you James, for these gorgeous lines !
    I like those in particular “Give shelter and food to those in need, taking care to offer a gentle word. “
    The light spreads and gives love’s fruits.
    Have a nice day with love !

  3. I am loving what you shared here, but then I always do! The audio does well, I hope one day to give it a try. Right now I am in the process of getting my daughter prepared to attend college in Beijing this summer and she leaves this weekend, two days after she graduates and then we are making a move to another state further south! Life changes, and it takes a lot of energy out of me with my disabilities. Your words my friend lift my soul…thanks for sharing! God bless!

  4. Beautiful, James. “the breeze will bring you language”…I love that! …”give freely to the world”…and many thanks to You for your generosity in sharing these beautiful thoughts in words and voice. :)

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