Looking Up


The many little eyes of Earth look up and search, and open up to the great lights of outer space, perhaps with joy, but certainly with great resolve. With every fiber of their being, each stem strains to trace the sky for light, and for life. The flower gathers the Sunlight, just as a bee collects the stamen’s pollen, and surely held within this simple, sublime exchange is held the arc of Earth’s desire to express itself in hues of love, ever reaching, ever receiving.

While the poet and the scientist attempt to paint our little lives into corners of comparison and conformity, let us allow the example of the natural world to offer a hint to what natural possibility is ours, for we too are drawn to light, though of a higher caliber: the light of spiritual dimension; the inner space of light; the light of the soul. One person might call it love, another, beauty, and another might call its essence divine, but beyond all words and all thought this Light exists at the fount of a kindly effulgence. It is here among us, just as surely as your eyes blink, but it exists upon a higher plane, above and within, before and after all worldly sense and experience. Thus it requires the subtle self to seek it out.

 The world is full of metaphor for the seeking soul, where it may try to equate itself to this theory or that, but eventually it must admit to itself the equivalence that speaks quietly, directly and beautifully in the many folds of life. Just as the flower looks up in earnest to the star, so may the soul align itself to the abundance that awaits, ready to flow and heal and make whole the accepting soul. Is this not the final act of love, to open to Love’s very own Light? Let it be so.

22 replies

  1. I often wonder if the real challenge is not in becoming but in allowing – allowing the miracle that is life (that is light) to wash over us. How much of our frustration is based on the mistaken belief that what matters most is hard to understand (or hard to connect find)? Think of love. The world is filled with people who strive to make love so much harder than it need be. In trying to define it, they make it less. Thank you for these beautiful reminders, James. ~ All my love, Bobbie

      • ;-) My perspective is that we make things hard that shouldn’t be (like love) and the things that should be difficult (like blowing up a building half a world away) are made easy. It’s upside down (in my opinion). Love…..just that. It just all seems so simple to me……. Always, Me

  2. Love and light always a perfect blend and uniquely delivered in our own special ways but always beautifully! Your words always inspire deep thought my brother…but always so genuine! God bless!

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