The Inner Life

Window Light

Dear God,

When I close my eyes and move into the calm silence, the serene light shines within, and I am thankful. In its golden glow, I recognize that it is not my task to know all things; my task is simply to search for the part of You that exists within me. Although my mind thrills at the immensity of space and time, and of how I may approach and even touch the hem of Infinity, I see that my journey must end where it began, at the Source of the beauty that rests deep within my own Soul.

As I listen to the inner sound and let all thoughts of the world fall away, I understand that the road of inner light has beckoned me all along, and that all of us live our lives under the gaze of two suns. Indeed, I have always been led to look within, to seek in the breaths of silence how I may walk directly toward the Source of my Self. And though the memories of hurt and hardship remain, it is now my turn to take up a stride and become what I must.

I have learned that life is an outcome in which all moments are spiritual moments. As I unravel the coiled layers of myself, I have finally seen the edge of what is stable: it shines and sounds a steady note within. Undisturbed by the clatter of life and loss, it rests at the center point of every outward expression I have ever made 

To the best of my knowledge, everything in the world changes, so what is permanent can be found only by looking within, and the deeper I enter into silence, the purer and more stable is this awareness. Perhaps whatever is constant in me is something basic in the experience of all things. Perhaps a thread of pure Being courses through all existence, benign and beautiful, holding it all together. And by whatever name this stability is known, I shall forever know the presence of the inner life –as Love.

from “Twelve Little Boats to God”

24 replies

  1. I love this, James………. When all the world is moving, God is the stone in the well…………..the one true constant about which we are. Truly, this caught my breath. ~ Love, Bobbie

  2. A letter to God, from God, as God, thanks for revealing Myself to Me. Only God have written it, only God could be the writing, and only God could be the reading and reader.

  3. How true that “that life is an outcome in which all moments are spiritual moments”. I love the mention of this stability in our lives, in spite of the barrage of flux and hardship and even spurts of happiness — that anchor, that stability is Love. So beautifully said.

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