The Light Of Conscience

Light Of Conscience

To imagine and create, we must first let go of the outer world, refocus within, and become aware. Then, once settled, we may throw light upon the canvas of the mind. Many things in the world are created in this way: gardens, bridges, boats and steeples. Even the humble teacup was once held privately in someone’s mind before it was molded from clay, glazed, and fired in a kiln.

Most everything manmade begins with an idea of form and function and is then carefully adjusted in the mind before becoming solid in the world. I imagine a word, and then I say the word; I imagine a house, and then I build that house. But what of a flower, a sparrow, or the sun? How did they come into being?

A canvas of elegance, symmetry, and delicate interdependence surrounds us on this planet, and we live and work, play and sleep enfolded in its beauty. A beautiful symphony does not happen by accident, nor does a painting, a book, or a poem; they are reflections of the inner life of the composer, the painter, and the poet. Let us then ask, might the act of creation in the natural world follow the same process as our own? If so, what or who created the great masterpiece of life that sustains us, even in this very moment?

Surely, a tree cannot exist without a designer any more than can a building: both are built with care and precision, one with cells and the other with bricks. Why should we assume that our process is special and separate from the workings of the rest of creation? If we see this progression working in us and we are an intelligent part of life, then why should we not assume that everything else in the universe has been brought into being in a similar way, by the will of a mind?

If so, we must recognize that the world is held steady, and that some great, creative, purposeful being must accomplish this work, some passionate presence that claims the evolution of nature’s artistry as its own. Who or what is this luminous, creative Mind that holds the beauty of this entire world in its awareness, the Intellect that creates the brilliance of a simple wildflower or fosters the soft roll of a billowing cloud?

But let us now ask: Were we held in a Mind before we came into being? Were we first created in God’s imagination? Is it too bold to suggest that the power in us to create is in some small way similar to the power God uses to create? Did the Creator create creators? If so, let us wonder if we are what and whom we were first intended to be. How far have we removed ourselves from the ideal that is held as a point in the heart of the great Mind?

Perhaps the answer is held in the glowing light of conscience.

Adapted from “Twelve Little Boats to God



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  1. I love this, James…….. Surely, we were imagined – we were loved, we were dreamed. The world would be a better place if each held some comprehension of the beauty that became their own breath. Truly, this is divine (as you). ~ Ever, Bobbie

  2. James your words always ring with sincere truth and leave one to ponder deeply your message! Beautifully written and shared, I always love your poems and the images you share! God bless my brother!

  3. Everything is created, the word itself is creative.
    I say and the thing is done.
    Who created all these wonders that surround us ?
    I’ll call this , the Divine, the Almighty, the One, abslute ….
    Thank you James, your thoughts fascinate me.
    You write beautifully.
    Warm thoughts

  4. I always take my time in your blog,
    your writing is so beautiful and touching
    just by reading the first line you grab me,
    you have a beautiful gift
    the light is in you.

    Thank you for this.

  5. Very interesting train of thought, James. Creation creating its own notion is something I want to believe. My inspiration in all things life heavily draws from those kinds of abstract ideas, because they help me nullify the image forced on me by society and daily life.
    It encourages to dream and see things for more than what they appear to be. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you Kenneth. I think it is incredibly empowering to identify a natural process in ourselves and then see that very same process at work in the natural world. Peace and light,

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