Today, I have seen with my own eyes that a thought of love has substance. What a strange force this is, that by pressing goodness from the invisible layers of ourselves, we may lift the spirit of life around us! From the purity of the Soul, a thought of love ripples out as a force through space. Perhaps a loving thought is no less a thing than starlight, which is destined to search forever until met and absorbed. Yet, it must be more, for on the breath of a pure prayer, on the wings of a gentle voice, within a soft, sympathetic smile, or the boundless dance of a happy child, Love may also lift and disarm a thought of anger into a gesture of simple tenderness. Maybe in this way the whole of life is lifted just enough to make a difference, just enough to change an outcome of being forever. Not even the greatest star can do such a thing.

I have seen today how a breath of love given freely neutralizes, calms, elevates, and offers respite from troubled thoughts and feelings. Is this not what we have been trying to discover all along, that the purest principal of character is expressed in a clear thought of kindness? Through an act of silent love, we may express the reality of our Soul and, like a source of light, be a nurturing force in the Cosmos.

From the freedom of the inner life, we may love outwardly, silently, fearlessly, for unconditional love is not attached to worldly thoughts or feelings. Its simple, soundless voice is satisfied in the humility and delight of itself. It requires no acknowledgement or explanation, and makes no claim upon a person or situation. By silently expressing the pure possibility of our highest, finest ideal, our goodness reveals theirs. And so it is that we are then able to float upward to a sublime plane of joy.

Adapted from “Twelve Little Boats to God

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  1. Oh, my dear James, thank you for posting this: I wonder whether you’ll have felt the “substance” of my trying and thus far failing, since I read your glorious book, to write to you of what it means to me? I’ll keep trying. Someday a letter will take shape and arrive with you. But in the meantime, very many, many thanks, and prayers, and continuing encouragement. With love: Simon

  2. O, James………today, I have known such joy. It was waiting (perhaps ten thousand years) for me to come – to find it here. But I am here and joy springs up to find me. I love this one, not only for the image and the sound of children in the background of your recording, but for the sweet simple truth it carries. Today, yes, today my dear dear friend, joy breaks loose from those places we forgot existed. ~ May your day be filled with ‘barefeet on wet rock’ giggles…… that has not words to tell. ~ Love, Bobbie

    • Bobbie: what wonderful things you say! I find that joy, like happiness, is often a deliberate choice. Life can be heavy but many of its obstacles can be transcended by offering a simple act of kindness or even the beginnings of a small smile. And once chosen, an unblemished joy becomes a fulcrum from which we are able lift ourselves into rarefied energy. I’m so glad you like the recording! Sending thoughts of light,

  3. wonderful post James. Ever hear of love bombing? It is when you silently surround everyone and everything you encounter with love. Marianne Williamson talks about it in her books.

  4. I experienced this supernatural joy given by the Holy Spirit. An indescribable feeling, I smiled at the whole world, people certainly said she is “crazy.”
    You’re right James, when love fills you fully, completely, it spreads as the light of day, it gives freely.
    Perfect love casts out fear!
    Thank you James for these words. You bring Light to those in research of truth.
    Be blessed my friend, lovely day.
    Peace and light.

  5. Wow. I just read this out loud. Even though it is just me hearing my own voice. I felt that I just read the most marvelous poem and heard the best sermon that I neede to hear today! I feel that your fingers were divinely guided as you typed this one out!

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