A Doorway Awaits


Off in the distance a doorway awaits. Built into the fabric of every soul, it is often indistinct under the dulled light of a busy mind, yet it offers itself as a gateway to a finer dimension, where a forest or an ocean may be leapt across just easily as a searching heart may absorb a thought of light.

All that is required to set the door ajar is a single, definite wish to explore. Indeed, there is no other key than a desire to leap. Its threshold marks the beginning of Infinity and the end of darkness, and more.

But a voice says, “It is only the imagination.” Yes, it begins that way, but we may, if we wish, explore a reality beyond it, a solid reality, a reality for which we have been preparing ourselves all this time; a reality that each of us nurtures in our precious days on Earth.

Belief is the currency of a creator, whereby what is hoped for is conjured in the fire of the will, in the temple of the imagination. In the room beyond the door exists this great treasure. Within it we may resist the pull of memory, of blame, of avoidance and self-pity and recreate ourselves in an image of pure delight, without the weight of Earth and all its troubles.

Once we have stepped across the threshold we may reinvent ourselves in any and all ways we desire, and prepare to lift into a reality that corresponds to that same desire.

Whatever a person believes he becomes. This is the first secret of the inner life, and the marvel of the Soul’s eternal arc. By imagining, a person may fashion himself anew and adjust the foundation of his entire being. The door that links these worlds awaits the single push of a focused heart whereupon we may step from this place to all places and thereby be free.

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  1. Your words are always so meaningful, soothing and genuine. You make one to ponder every word, leaving them delighted for eating of their treasure gems until they are full, after which they continue to nourish on them while meditating on their substance. You leave a smile on my face my friend, always happy to embrace what you share! God bless!

  2. Beautiful, James………….. Unfortunately, far too many believe the voices that say that can’t be, can’t happen, won’t happen, isn’t right…………. I’ve heard them called the high court of apes………those who would steal the soul. Let’s go, and when we can no longer see the path beneath our feet, let us run!!!!!!!!!! ~ Love you, Me

    • Thank you Bobbie… yes, let us run and tumble toward the light, like children rid of all desire except that most basic joy for which we are all entitled. With peace,

  3. Thank you James for writing this wonderful and inspiring post. It is so great to be reminded that “Indeed, there is no other key than a desire to leap.” And to reminded of that truth with your beautiful reading of your words is a super treat. Thank you for your work. and for your willingness to share it with the world.

  4. Very, very interesting James!
    Your articles always lead to reflection and spiritual awakening.
    All curious to learn more about what connects the two worlds.
    We learned that in “afterlife”, there is life without pain or tears, with joy, peace… After death…
    Is not a danger to walk through that door as we belong to the world of living?

    Nice weekend James, with peace and light!

    • Thank you Mary. Yes, it is a difficult process and I find it challenging, but just to know that the doorway is there is something I find very comforting. With warm wishes to you.

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