To Wonder Upon Infinity

To Wonder

What is life, this delicate strength that animates us and the world in which we live? Miracles inhabit every corner: we need look no further than how a simple, fleeting thought may blink an eye or tilt the head, or how we may slowly breathe in and examine the sweet smells of summer. On the vast canvas of material being that stretches through all of existence, is not everything in the everyday world extraordinary and wonderful, each piece constantly changing its appearance and position? Clouds become puddles and mountains become stones.

We can see that all material energy is involved in the dance of creation, coming and going, building and falling, as must our small bodies if they are to be a part of the material life: grains in the vast weight of the universe. Surely, an atom in an arm is no less fantastic than an atom at the center of a great star. This being so, it must behave so, moving from one body to another when it is time. To suffer through life into death involves a brief ownership of a thing that must change its form and pass away. However, not everything is material. Deep love cannot dissolve, nor can our awareness slip away without our consent. Both can become more of what they are, and so we must carefully ask ourselves what it is we truly possess.

If we are more than a physical person, someone that is never born and never dies, someone that is on Earth only for a moment, it is right to ask what we were before this life, and where will we go when we leave it. But let us delve even deeper and ask how long have we all waited and prepared for the work that consumes us? And taking the longer view, what choices are really ours? By asking these questions, we may then step out of the circle of our human selves into a childlike awareness of infinity and into the limitless energy that must be God.

To contemplate the wonder of the Infinite and enter into its beauty is an act of love, an expression of devoted surrender to the way things are. We cannot contain infinity with the mind, only merge with it with the heart. As we close our outer eyes and look with inner sight at the heavens above us, let us understand that all moments are equal in the expanse of the Infinite, and that we can only pray in the moment that holds us. In the beautiful calm of Being, only this moment has any value.

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  1. Within us each, the sweet surrender of allowance. In this moment, we are and will ever be. Eternity stretches to reach around us. I love this, James. ~ Ever, Bobbie

  2. James, I appreciate your thoughts in light of my post about the need for consciousness and life. Your words are soothing like balm on irritated itchy skin, they cool and comfort. :)

  3. Wonderful james! this past year i have been fasinated by the ‘god particle’ and now your poem is worthy of a noble poetry award… your understanding and depth of the metaphysical principals of spiritual helps me stretch my thoughts and understanding. Thank you, Namaste, mary

  4. I read with interest , I try now to understand.
    The infinity supposes that there are no limits because if the space knew limits, we would wonder us what is beyond.
    At the same time raises the question of the beginning, nothing can arise from the nothingness, the reason cannot conceive the nothingness.
    If we admit that God created the world by pure love, as Creator, He is thus the principle of all.
    The creature comes from Him and returns towards Him.
    And if God is infinite, the Being is like Him also, only the physical body dies.
    The time is infinite.
    When we begin to reason, all this exceeds us very fast.
    Thank you James, your writings are fascinating, always !

    • Thank you Lucia. I think that perhaps it is a question of dimension: once we rise above the levels of time and space we enter into states that are differentiated by the quality of being; there is where Ideal and Being truly merge. In any case, the Universe increasingly appears to me as one great magic show!
      Warmest wishes to you. Thank you for visiting. :)

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