Invisible Forces Abound

Invisible Forces Abound

We move in a world where gravity, magnetism, electrical force and sunlight hold our lives together. Vast, unseen powers sustain the ability of each earthling to live and move, work and play. These universal forces are fundamental to our existence yet are so steady that we are unable to separate them from our ordinary awareness.

Just think about what immense, transparent forces course through us while we read, shop, eat and talk. Beyond the reach of our senses we are saturated with radio waves, x-rays, infrared, and radiation from billions of stars that dance and decay across the Cosmos. Vast levels of influence are all around us; invisible forces abound.

In a similar way, could it be that we are unable to discern the Source of all life, that most basic fabric of ourselves, until we are quiet and centered in pure thought?

It is natural for us to want to know more, and since wisdom and knowledge is the result of life and its experience, we can say with confidence that each of us is guided to unfold this awareness. Indeed, the more we contemplate what vast forces play around us, the more we may become amazed at how our own marvelous insignificance is encouraged to advance.

Let us rest our eyes upon the wide expanse of twilight sky and breathing calmly, try to capture in the mind the beginnings of immensity. This is how awe is born and how the note of reverence is nurtured.

Let us remember that each of us here is experiencing a unique and particular viewpoint of time in space. By being a conscious part of life we share awareness with the Source, and that is perhaps our greatest responsibility and the pathway to the deepest joy. 

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  1. In moments when I sit silent and still, I remember myself to home . The more I empty, the fuller I become. I love this, James…….. ~ home you…….this ~ Ever, Bobbie

  2. “could it be that we are unable to discern the Source of all life, that most basic fabric of ourselves, until we are quiet and centered in pure thought?”

    It could, James. It could. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

    Now knowing that I’m Source, I know that I am All in All at all times, everywhere—always have been, always will be. It’s a radical perspective, to be sure, but knowing that My Conscious Mind is 96% of the Universe (dark energy and dark matter) certainly helped this scientist here understand how I work and where my thoughts, in fact, are centered: everywhere.

    Peace, My Brother, Ik

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