A Guided Meditation: Journey Across A Lake

Journey Across A Lake

I invite you to take a journey with me, a journey which will increase your ability to concentrate and visualize, and with practice, open you up to your own inner light.

Once you feel safe and relaxed, close your eyes.

Take a deep breath and become very still.

Using the sounds you hear, try to see the world with your inner sight. Imagine the blue sky above you and the firm ground under your feet. Take in a deep breath and as you let go, feel yourself rise just a little way off the ground. And again, take another deep breath and rise.

We are high up on a mountainside. The air is warm and comfortable. A lake sits at the bottom of the valley far below us.

Following the curve of a small path, we slowly float down the mountainside. Our feet don’t touch the ground, but brush against the tips of rocks and soft grasses.

Running alongside us is a small stream. We stop to watch it run downhill and sparkle in the sunlight.

We come to a tree and breathe in its fresh, pure air. Its branches reach upward, far above us and sway lazily in the wind.

We stop for a moment to take in the view. Clouds float far above us while the lake stretches out below. Birds chirp in the distance and fly upon the breeze.

Fallen leaves cover the path in shades of orange, yellow and brown. Leaning in closer we examine a single leaf and trace the veins of its delicate webbing.

We float further down the mountainside and come to a meadow. Butterflies play in the sunlight and flowers dot the field with bright colors: red, blue, yellow and violet.

We move off the path to take in the splendor of a single flower, a daisy. Its golden center is framed by a perfect circle of white petals.

We turn and look at another flower, a bluebell. Tracing each edge with our eyes, we might wonder at the source of such a delicate design.

Floating a little further down the mountainside we find a gate. We open it and close it, and then look behind us. The mountain soars up into the air and we realize how far we have travelled.

With each breath we float a little further down the mountainside until we arrive at the edge of the lake. The water laps against the shore, without a worry, without a care. Everything in this moment is at peace. The lake is pure and clear. Each ripple dips, sways and sparkles in the sunlight. Our breath is now very shallow and calm, the sounds of the lake naturally soothing us.

Along the shoreline are small rocks and pebbles. The lake laps and nudges at a twig as it tilts with the tide, back and forth. The breeze softens and we listen carefully to all the sounds around us.

Further up the shore we see a small pier with a rowboat moored at its side. We float toward it upon the breeze, gently, without making a single sound of our own. The pier creaks and sways in the water.

We move toward the end of the pier, closer to the small wooden rowboat. It is white with a gold stripe along its side and we step inside it. It bobs ever so slightly up and down in the water.

On the far side of the lake we can see a forest. We each take up an oar and row toward it.

A bank of cloud drifts overhead across the valley and we watch it glide above us.

We catch the sweet scent of flowers on the breeze as it rushes past us and rises up into the air. The water is calm and undisturbed.

Leaning over the side of the boat we can see our reflection. We smile at ourselves and feel strong, serene and safe.

We watch the water ripple and glisten in the sunlight, and we drift awhile without worry or desire.

The bank of cloud becomes heavier and a light rain starts to fall. It is refreshing and warm, and carries within it the perfumes of the forest.

The wind now rises and pushes the boat towards the shore. The water is shallow here and we can see the bottom of the lake just below us. Our breath remains calm and quiet, and at peace.

The clouds have passed and now sunlight streams down upon us. As we get closer to the shore, we see birds fly from tree to tree and spin and play high up in the air.

At last we reach the shore. We step upon the solid ground and look back across the lake and at the mountain, now far off in the distance.

The sweet scents of the forest, uncovered by the rain, are full of life and we listen to the subtle sounds of the trees.

We continue to float along a little way above the ground until we stop by a willow tree leaning into the water. It has a gentle, soft, inviting sound.

We return to the path and follow it away from the lake. Above us we can see the moon shine. We can see its contour and shading.

We move further along the path until we come to a cabin. It is small and inviting, with blue curtains pulled across the windows. We open the door and step inside and then close the door behind us.

We are completely safe and at peace.

Soon a fire begins to warm the room. We sit down and listen to the flames crackle in the fireplace.

A great peace descends upon us.

We light a candle and watch it dance and flicker in the firelight.

Now we turn our attention further inward, in purity and love, and focus on the light in ourselves, and lift into joy.

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  1. James, this is lovely! You really have captured what it feels like to be in nature on a lovely day. What lush, vivid imagery. I could smell the forest, the damp leaves in the rain, vetivert, earth. Very uplifting!


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