A Guided Meditation: Meeting A Trusted Guide

Flight Of Light

Guided Meditation: Meeting A Trusted Guide

This is a meditation about you and the questions you have. To prepare yourself, think of something you would like an answer to or want guidance about. Phrase it as a question or a few questions.  For example: “Why do I have this health issue?”; “Is taking the job offer for my greatest and highest good?”, or “What direction should my life take for my greatest and highest good?”

During this meditation you will create a space in your mind to receive guidance and wisdom, and therein encounter a trusted guide, your guide, & have time to ask your questions. Let us begin.

Take a moment to be aware of your surroundings.  Once you feel safe and relaxed, straighten your back and close your eyes. Take in a slow, deep breath and become very still. Again, take in a deep breath and center yourself.  Feel your abdomen rise and fall, gently, deeply and slowly.  Allow yourself to have this moment of quiet time and let all the activities of your life fall away.

See yourself at the top of a beautiful golden spiral stairway.  Feeling quite safe, you start to step down the stairs. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.  You now find yourself in a wonderful garden.  Around you are your favorite flowers and beautiful trees. A soft, cool breeze passes across your body. The breeze blows upon the leaves of each tree.  It feels good and refreshing, and makes you feel lighter.  This gentle breeze helps to relax you and gets you into the present moment.  You go deeper and deeper into relaxation. You feel safe and at ease and you feel the simple beauty of this moment. 

Ahead of you is a small pond and you move towards it. Tall grasses sway in the breeze and birds sing in the trees. Overhead a cloud drifts by and you see that all is well. Moving right up to the water’s edge, you pause, look and listen.

Looking down at the surface of the pond you see your reflection in the calm water. You smile and catch a glimpse of the ‘real’ you – the purest, brightest form of yourself, untouched by the many challenges life has brought upon you. Acknowledge how this makes you feel, to be free and unburdened. Remember this feeling.

Looking up, you can see far off into the distance. There is a field of flowers to the left and a field of flowers to the right, but directly in front of you, at the end of a long winding path, you see a green hill, and at the very top of the hill you see a glowing lantern. Your guide has lit this lantern especially for you. Take another deep breath and as you exhale, send out a wave of goodwill to your trusted guide who is waiting there for you. Prepare yourself to open to all the precious possibilities that await you.

Leaving the pond behind, you follow the curve of the path. It winds back and forth, and you take your time. To one side, a horse wanders in the field and on the other, butterflies dance and glide on the breeze. Looking up at the hill, you can see that the guiding light is still there, the lantern glowing with a steady golden light. The path now narrows as you continue to step forward toward the hill, toward the lantern, toward your guide.

At last you have reached the foot of the hill and now you climb, up the winding path, walking slowly but surely. Each breath takes you a little higher. As you get closer to the glowing lantern, you might start to feel a little curious. Remember that all is well and that everything happens in its time.

As you approach the top of the hill, you see a figure sitting quietly in the lantern’s light. This is your trusted guide.  Take a moment to sense and acknowledge your guide’s presence – how does it feel? How does your guide appear to you?  As a glowing light, as a man, a woman, someone you know, or as an angel perhaps? Whatever form your guide has taken, know that you are looked upon with a sincere, deep love.

Now sit beside your guide. Take a deep breath and still your mind. Allow yourself to feel your guide’s energy and the comfort it brings.

It is now time to ask your guide your questions.  Silently ask them one at a time. Your guide can hear your thoughts, just as you might hear theirs. Allow yourself to be open. Open your mind. Open your heart. Give yourself permission to receive what you have asked for. Your guide might communicate with you through your feelings, thoughts, images or through other sensations. Perhaps you will hear the answers or they might come to you in a wave of knowing. However they come to you, now is the time to relax and trust what is offered. Spend the next few minutes in quiet communion with your loving guide.

It is now time to end your questioning.  Allow the information you have received to be absorbed. Let it settle in you.

Sit for a little while longer and enjoy the loving kindness of your guide. Though your guide is never far away, it is time to say good-bye, so that you may return more easily to the earthly world.

As you stand up, your guide presents you with a gift and you open your hands to receive it. The gift might be an object, or a gift of love, a gift of confidence, or of understanding. Look at it carefully, at its contour and color, and acknowledge the feeling it gives you as you hold it to your heart. Thank your guide for your gift and for the guidance you have received. Your guide now places you in a sphere of pure, white light. It completely envelops you in its love and protection. This pure, loving light is yours and is always with you.

Send a thought of goodwill out into the Universe and thank your guide with deep appreciation.  The protective sphere shimmers in the sunlight and now carries you peacefully down the hillside.

As you reach the curved path at the foot of the hill, look again at the gift you received from your guide. Try to acknowledge its message and meaning. Now walk along the winding path. Pause for a moment at the pond, and glance at your reflection on the water. Smile and send yourself a wave of gratitude. See how pure and refreshed you look.  Now continue walking along the path, back through the garden.

You have arrived at the bottom of the spiral staircase, and you are ready to ascend. Take one step at a time, slowly, gently. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.  You are now back in your physical room, present and fully awake.  You feel completely safe and at peace. The sphere of pure light still surrounds you. Take a few deep breaths, move your hands and your feet, and when you are ready, open your eyes.

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  1. I love these lessons in living, James. I especially like this one, as my ritutal is very similar…..but along a mountain trail and down a path beside a waterfall. This is beautiful…..as is the soul to share it. ~ Love, Bobbie


  2. This lesson reminds me the principle of visualization often used in therapy.
    We took refuge in a safe place where the soul is freed from negative emotions.
    Sometimes I use this principle on a psalm’s basis.
    I loved this passage in your book.
    Nice day to you with peace.


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