A Crown Of Petals

Daisy Crown

If, while looking upon a flower, someone knelt beside you and whispered in your ear, “Therein sits God,” would you continue to call the flower, a flower? Would not the stem become a scepter and the ring of petals become a crown? If you looked upon a tree and were told that the Divine saturated every leaf, would you continue to use the word tree, or would you call it Heavenly? Would you call a rock, a simple rock, if the whisperer explained that the stone hums along with the entire universe? Would a mountain become a throne? Would not a blade of grass become an ornament of light, a glorious undulation of the whole? What if you could grasp, even for an instant, the marvel of this Unity? How would life change?

If you knew the Divine was in the air, how differently would you breathe? If you knew the Divine was under your feet, how more carefully would you tread? If you knew that the Divine were in every drop of water, how differently would you bathe each limb of your body? Knowing such things, would you continue to place the sacred here and there, within and yonder?

Would you continue to restrict Divinity to a temple, or a book, or to the Heavens? Would you keep parceling and partitioning yourself and the world, or would you seek out the Presence in all places? Would you at last accept your identity as a precious jewel in the fabric of the whole?

Yet, there is a separation. You are here and the flower is there. But the whisperer explains: the flower helps us to forget our wholeness for a while, to help us understand that we delve and dance with a will of our own, even as we play within the wonder of creation, within the unity that Is, in the Oneness that will always hold us.

29 replies

  1. I agree with the thought that God is restricted at rocks or worship places .
    Our religiosity blind and prevents to meet the Divine where it really lies.
    It is created into all things as in all creatures, but we don’t know how to recognize him.
    Very interesting as always !
    Nice week-end with light

  2. The truth is (as you know) that God is in everything. If we do not see Him, perhaps we’re not ready to see. The water flows and in its music, we are reminded of another time when all we knew was love. I love this, James (but then you knew I would)………. ~ Ever only love, Bobbie

  3. James! Thank you for this inspiration. This is my favorite(so far!) of your many beautiful thoughts. This one makes me want to sing out in celebration!

  4. James, this is divinely special your words and the recording…magical! I am really blown away by it. I did my first song not on sound cloud but on you-tube two Fridays ago, and I am beginning to like recording my words, never thought I had much of a voice, but it is a special way to really bring your poetry to life. You do an awesome job my friend. I think you and Diana Rasmussen, were the first two that I saw do this and do it well, along with willowdot21. Thanks for inspiring us with this radiant piece! God bless you always my brother! Mine is called My Eternal Love, and you can find it on you-tube or my blog February 28!

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