My Small Understanding

If I could be everywhere and rest within all things in every moment; if the body of the Universe were mine… I would not cause myself pain, but would love and look upon everything in existence with affection.
If I were boundless, I believe I would be gentle.

If I were all-powerful, where all things were possible; if anything I imagined could be made real and given life; if I possessed the absolute will of the Universe… the only difference between thinking a thought and it made real in the world would be my desire to do so. If I held this first and final power to create, I believe I would be calm.

If I were all-knowing, completely aware, all-listening, all-understanding, all-seeing; if I could weave through all that is and look through every eye of life… I would not judge harshly, because I would understand the cause and reason behind all things, and therefore perceive within the wisdom of complete clarity.

If the mind of the Universe were mine, I believe I would be kind. Such is my small understanding of the omnipresence, omnipotence, and omniscience of God.