Bridge of Light


Do you remember crossing the Bridge Of Light, when you connected to something beyond yourself?

That moment when you read someone’s mind. The nagging premonition. The time you knew who was calling before the telephone rang. Once, you finished another person’s thought. You felt that chill up the spine. The tingling around your head – the path to forever once crossed. You felt the magnetic pull of a person, or place. When art elevated you into a secret joy; when time itself slowed to a single grand breath. The sorrowful ring of wrong. The gentle voice that carried a deep peace. The flash of knowing. The dream that was so real. That sense of foreboding (let us leave this place). A love so powerful, you wept. You were beside yourself, detached from the world. That was no coincidence; you followed the voice. Being wrapped in the warm glow of love. The music; the book that found you at the right moment. That timeless calm when you knew a spiritual presence sat at your side, when you decided that there was no need to explain it to anyone. Spirit does not reside in the abstract. The Bridge Of Light is always with us.